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Rb in Ethiopia / Cycle 4

Chemo cycle 4 has been hard, as Asa struggled to tolerate a raised dosage of one of the chemo drugs, and was hospitalized for four days over Easter.I was in Ethiopia during much of this.
At the beginning, Asa was relatively happy in the daytime, but during the nights he was clearly uncomfortable. Paracetamol did nothing to relieve his discomfort, and Codeine worked only for brief periods.Saddest of all to see, he wanted desperately to breastfeed, but as soon as Selam’s nipple was in his mouth, he would be overcome with nausea and retch or vomit.
The dosage of Vincristine had been raised from 50% to 75%, and it’s an indication of how powerful this drug is that an additional 0.19 mg. should make such a massive difference in terms of side effects.Our experience with the lower dosage had made us feel pretty confident about chemotherapy – “We can handle this!” – but this cycle put us back on the defensive again.
That was the state of play when I left for Ethiopia on the Sunday before Easter.