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Now we are four

The world is overdue an update on Asa.

Since last we wrote, he's begun capoeira classes, learned to ride a bicycle, and had five doses of chemotherapy drugs injected into his right eye.  He understands now that other children don't have to go through all of these things; not everyone has poorly eyes. But remarkably, he protests very little. He's easy-going, and he doesn't bear grudges (at least so far).
New hope
As a treatment for Rb, the most recent procedure -- intra-vitreal injections of melphalan -- is relatively new. Pioneered by the Japanese, and refined in the US and Switzerland, it's been tried on only about a dozen children in the UK so far.

Since the last dose was given in November, he's had three exams under anaesthetic. The results have been as close to 'all clear' as we've had in the past three years. At each exam, the doctors have seen some new tumour activity in the right eye, but it's been discrete and in a place that's accessi…