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Make a wish

Recently we received a visit from the Make a Wish Foundation, a charity that provides special experiences for children with life-threatening illnesses.
To map the contours of Asa’s “wish,” two women from the foundation quizzed him on his tastes, preferences, and ambitions. 

Asa's ambition is to be a pilot or a truck-driver.

Unfortunately, neither driving nor flying will be open to him as careers. In the UK, drivers have to have at least 6:12 vision (equivalent to reading a license plate at 20 metres). At present Asa’s vision is 3:60 in the right eye and 1:60 in the left. On this basis, he’s been certified as ‘Severely Visually Impaired.’ 

On some versions of the certificate those words are followed by “(Blind)”.

But blind he isn’t. 

The law defines these things liberally. While visual ability varies along a spectrum from species-optimal to complete absence of light perception, British law has only two categories of impairment: Impaired, and Severely Impaired. So Asa, with his very impe…