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Giving thanks

Yesterday Asa had an exam under anaesthetic at the Royal London Hospital.

There was a long wait while he was in the operating theatre. And when Selam picked him up from the recovery room, his right eye was red and swollen. Had the IAM not worked again? 
Perhaps they'd used cryo instead -- which causes swelling…?
A turn of events
When the doctors came around to debrief, they were upbeat:
"We're happy with the way he responded to the IAM," they said.
The tumours they’d seen last time had "flattened out" since the second dose of IAM, they explained.
They had used cyrotherapy -- but that was to treat a small area on the roof of the eye.

This is a huge relief.
As soon as a space is available on the list, they'll proceed with a third dose of IAM -- probably either next Wednesday or the following week.
Counting our blessings
Today Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving.
I’m in the US right now -- to attend an anthropology conference in San Francisco and an African studies…