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Advice for surviving chemo

Have you ever had the experience of coming up for air after working hard on something for a long time, and being surprised to find that other people have been going about life as normal?
That’s what it’s been like finishing chemo.
During chemo, the thought of taking Asa to a nursery, or on a train (crowded environments where he could pick up an infection) would have made us giddy.
Now, we can go out like normal families do, and there's rarely a day when we don't take Asa on an excursion by car, bus, or train.

Before the memories fade, we'd like to share a few things that might be useful for other families with children going through chemo.
Some tips
In no particular order, these were things we found useful for keeping Asa clean or safe:

 a play pen, to keep him in a dirt-free space

grapeseed oil & cotton balls for wiping his bottom during nappy changes (much less likely to irritate skin than wet-wipes)

an in-ear thermometer to check temperature (quicker and more convenient t…