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Discovering poetry

The child does not exist who, between the ages of 2 and 5, does not display a predilection for poetry.
I stumbled across this quotation yesterday in a notebook I'd kept a few years ago -- copied from a text by the Russian writer, Kornei Chukovsky.
It seems apt, because just this week Asa's started rhyming.
We were sitting on a sofa in our hotel in Birmingham on the night before his last medical exam when, à propos nothing, he came out with two words that rhymed.
"What about, head and bed?" I asked in response.
"What about, light and tight?" he rejoined.
We kept the game going for a while. And since then it's become a regular way of passing time.
The fact that children should invent (or discover) poetry as a matter of course, as they learn to speak, is amazing to me.
Of course, Asa's been exposed to rhymes -- in books likeYou Are My I Love You, and in songs.
But how readily he makes the idea his own!
And this is really part of a whole bundle of discoveries t…