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Lessons from a strange year

It was one year ago today that we got Asa's diagnosis.

Looking back, we marvel at how quickly things have gone.

We left Ethiopia on the 9th of January, four days after the fateful visit to the ophthalmologist.

Asa saw our GP the day we arrived in the UK, and began treatment the following week. He turned one during the first round of systemic chemotherapy.

A year into this journey, we'd like to share some lessons.

1.  Be thankful for what you've got.
That's lesson 1.

Although retinoblastoma has become a big part of Asa's story -- the eye exams and treatment regime setting much of the tempo of our lives these days -- to us he's still much more than an Rb case. 

In every other way -- curiosity, playfulness, sociability -- he's a normal kid. A wonderful kid. With as good a shot at life as any other.

And yet if it weren't for the support we receive from the medical system here in the UK we wouldn't be able to say that.

His life would be in danger.

So let…