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Sick and visually impaired?

Recently I caught sight of Asa, and the way the light was falling on him made him look to me, for the first time, like the sort of children we sometimes see in hospital waiting rooms – Completely bald from chemotherapy.And unwell.
This struck me, because for the most part, Asa doesn’t seem sick to us these days.He’s so lively, so playful and happy that we often forget about his illness.
Of course, his hair has almost disappeared.He sometimes looks pale. And he still sometimes needs an NG tube to get his medicine in.But that’s about where the resemblance to a sick child ends.

Sometimes friends ask how Asa is doing, saying “We heard he’s very sick.”
It can produce an odd look from us, because it’s both true and untrue.
The end of chemo
During the 5th cycle of chemo, Asa was on a lower dosage (50% Vincristine), and the side effects were milder.His appetite declined early on, but soon he was eating more or less normally again, and his energy levels were high.He had none of the discomfort we’d …