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The first cycle / Ethiopia

I got back from Ethiopia two weeks ago, and went straight from the airport to the hospital.

Asa had been admitted two days before with a fever, and according to protocol he was put on IV antibiotics, to be kept under observation until 48 hours after the fever subsided.

I found him and Selam in good form, Asa chatting away (sometimes incomprehensibly) to anyone in range and -- something new, since I'd been away -- saying “Thank you” for the least courtesy anybody paid him.

That was on Thursday.
By the weekend we were all back home together.
Second-line chemo, so far
On balance, the first cycle of this second course of chemo went better than we’d feared. There were no mouth sores, no need for an NG tube, and only one day of vomiting.

But it didn't go quite as smoothly as we’d hoped. 
There were 3 episodes of infection: a bout of conjunctivitis which gooed up his eyes, and 2 other infections that caused fevers. 
And he needed 3 blood transfusions: two for platelets and one for red bl…