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Speaking and seeing

This week I got back to London after two months in Congo.

During the first weeks away I was able to talk with Selam by phone; after that we communicated mostly by text message. 

Asa didn't do all that well on the phone (when we'd talk, he'd often just laugh), but on my return I've discovered that he's made amazing progress in speaking.

His vocabulary reflects common preoccupations of children with animals (dog, cat, bunny, bear, and ait [Amharic for rat]) and vehicles (car, truck, plane, tractor, bus, and train). These things recur in his picture books and in toys; some of them he can also see through our front-room window, or on walks around the neighbourhood.

Other words reflect experiences that are less common in childhood.

"Chemo", for instance, Asa uses to refer to a drip set. (He used the word when he last had a blood transfusion.)

And “ambulance” means something different to him than to many kids, because he’s used to riding to hospital …